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Bill Denheld

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For some time now I have been researching the SBC murder site, and some of you are aware of my findings. I’ve kept my research under wraps for obvious reasons, until now; I have contacted Bill Denheld some two weeks back to help me clear up a few bits and pieces which I found quite puzzling.

Since last speaking with Bill over the phone I have had the opportunity to present my theory, being my observations of the Burman photo & comparing it to the current murder site. I just couldn’t place the current murder site with that of the Burman photo;

Without saying to much Bill Kindly presented me with a Document that was handed out to all those that attended the 2009 siege dinner in Glenrown. Bill acknowledged my theory and then continued to explain the NEW FINDINGS of the investigation towards the police camp killing site.

A party of 5 have been steadily working and piecing together the mystery surrounding the facts of the police camp site and have eventually come up with four possible sites; however, further work is required to prove which of the four sites, is in fact the true site.

Here is a snippet of the above mentioned document.

Over recent months, and from earlier work, there has been an extensive examination to validate the location of the Police camp site at Stringybark Creek.

The conclusion reached is that the site of the police camp was on the
Western side of Stringybark Creek.

The side which had generally been accepted as correct until the mid 1990s.

Why must the camp have been on the Western side?

Thomas Newman McIntyre:
The sole survivor of the four man Mansfield Police party that set up camp at Stringybark Creek whilst out on patrol to locate and apprehend the Kellys.
He was a member of the search party later sent to locate and recover the bodies of the three slain policemen.
The Crown witness at Ned’s Beechworth committal hearing and later Ned’s murder trial in the Melbourne Central Criminal Court, and -
A few years later penning his memoirs.

McIntyre describes the location of the camp:
“we found the remains of a hut there and the country thickly timbered -
where we camped there was an opening - a few logs being about.
“selected a clear place near an old burnt hut
“we camped in a tent a few yards behind the old hut.
“the open ( ground) I speak of did not cover more than an acre or two,

“our tent was pitched near the north west corner of this clearing which was partly natural and partly caused by human agency

the entrance to the tent was facing east and also the creek which was about seventy yards distant.

Standing at the tent entrance and facing the creek there was upon the left front a felled tree nearly 4 ft in diameter, at the thickest part. It lay nearly east and west.

and much more -------- ------- -------

The conclusion drawn from this work so far is the identification of two areas-

One located south of the picnic ground, close to or on the Stringybark Creek road, and in close proximity to the position of the second Kelly tree, and -

the second site - the location of the Two huts fireplaces some 200 metres south.

While the Kelly tree site is supported by much of McIntyre’s written text, the site of the two huts fireplaces is supported by the two Burman photos.

Further investigations at the two western bank sites are to be studied using Photogrammetry and Geomatics conducted by Melbourne University. (see map below 2A, 2B and 3A and 3B,)

A comprehensive paper, now being prepared, will be released soon and will be provided to the Victorian Government agencies involved in the Stringybark Creek precinct heritage register classification process and the precinct’s tourist development work.

Please visit webpage to see maps and images of the extensive investigation being carried out.

Many thanks to Bill and Carla for their generous time and hospitality and above all the team that has strived to bring us the truth. The group working on this are Linton Briggs, Bill Denheld, Gary Dean, Kelvyn Gill, and Glenn Standing.

Added text which was missing from original post.....thx Kel


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Hi Joe,

After reading the amount of work that you, Bill, Kel, Glenn, Gary and Linton have done to research Stringybark Creek, I must ask when is the doco coming out to rival what is going to be shown on ABC this week?

Maybe you should ask Tony Robinson to come back and do the correct story this time.

Good work.
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G'day Chris,

I was not involved with the above crew.

My research into SBC was conducted by myself with the help of my partner Mel(measuring etc). I had only spoken to Bill & now Kel.... this is my only involvement with the crew that brought us the above research.

hee hee I doubt that their my be a rival doco.........but hey you never know! Chris you may disagree with my comments Re: being disappointed,however, each to thier own ;-)


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Posted - 08/07/2009 :  1:48:29 PM  Show Profile  Reply with Quote

Well I take back three quarters of what I said, but still a great work undertaken.

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Hiya Chris

mate no worries wish I did take part in it though.....and yes huge effort on behalf the crew. It may seem easy to sit back at home and read all the avail text, but once on the field its a different ball game, Kel, Gary, Bill, Linton and Glenn deserve more credit.....Fantastic job guys & Thx

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Hi Joe and others involved in this research,

We are all aware that Constable McIntyre wasn’t regarded as a credible witness. I wonder how many would have coped with the traumatic ordeal and the aftermath of the Stringybark Creek incident with a clear recollection of all that occurred.

I agree that there are many indicators that support my long held belief that the Police Camp site is probably on the western side of Stringybark Creek.
However, there is no doubt that the area that is currently recognised, as site will remain as the given spot until it can be absolutely proven the incorrect site.

It is rather easy to speculate where the Burman photographs were actually taken as they could easily fit into any number of locations in the Stringybark Creek Heritage area.
I have always thought that the photograph titled Police Camp, Wombat Ranges. Scene of the Kelly Outrage., which appeared in the Beautiful Mansfield booklet that was printed by the Mansfield Courier in May 1897, was taken on the western side of the creek, but I could be wrong !
It would not be the first time a photograph has been attributed to as being taken in a certain spot when it was taken elsewhere !!
Who knows, the eyelets from the police tent maybe found someday. Wouldn’t that be a find ! ‘ Jeremy Smith says any site or relic more than 50 years old is included under a blanket protection order, with souvenir scalpers who disturb relics liable for $60,000 penalties and even jail ’ Weekly Times 20/5/2009
So that rules out any unauthorised digs on the ‘ heritage landscape ’ at Stringybark Creek !!

In the 1950’s., two farmers who lived in the Toombullup area identified two separate sites as the Police Camp site. You’ve guessed it; one was on the western side of Stringybark Creek and the other was on the eastern side !

In the early 1960’s, Jack Healy, one of the farmers showed Ian Janes the area which we now recognised as the Police Camp site. It wasn’t until some 30 years later that Ian concluded it to be the site where the police camped in October 1878.
Jack Healy was mentioned in the Woman’s Day article titled - In the Kelly Country . . . FEELINGS STILL RUN HIGH by Helen Frizell April 6 1964. Jack came to live in the Toombullup area in 1922.

On the 25th July 2001 Gary Dean pin pointed the spot .. High Country Times article 24/10/2001. Many others have been adamant that this is the spot.

I wasn’t there so I’ll continue to keep an open mind.

Happy Researching. Sheila.