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Just looking at the burman pic of SBC
if the pic is supposed to represent the police camp looking east
and the returning police came from the north when they were shot
why are the two men, one supposedly ned, looking south ?
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Bruce, I think it is a pretty good assumption that the only accurate stuff in the Burman photos are the tree logs and the general vista in the foreground and background.
McIntyre's words clearly provide a description of the locations of Kennedy, himself and Ned at the time of the bailing up of Kennedy (presumably the figure on the right)and Scanlan, and these photos do not come close to the events as they occurred.
For example Ned was near the fire in the 'V' formed by two logs, McIntyre was at least 10 yards away on another (third) log, McIntyre left the log he was on and approached Kennedy, and so on.
The actors are clearly posed for the purpose of the photographs, as was the Burman photo of the "finding" of Kennedy's body.
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Comment ,
Burman knew exactly where and in which direction to take his photo. Kelvyn is right, Ned was near the V at the fire , McIntyre was 10 yards away to the right ( west)  Kelvyn is right, the photo was taken to demonstrate the scene in relative position, but the actors should have been shifted to the right but Burman's camera could not take it all in one shot so all were shifted to the left. Bill